Cloud & managed services

Managed Services for reduced Time To Market and optimized spending

Deploying trust services requires scarce resources with security skills, dedicated cryptographic hardware and strong operational constraints that may be hard to bare for small or urgent projects, or for small organizations. Maintaining in the long term such an infrastructure may also be a concern.  On the other hand, a standard SaaS offering may not be flexible enough to fit some functional or operational customer needs, including the ability to have customer specific software hosted or switching back to a software license mode at some point in time.

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A custom tailored turn-key Managed Services trust offering

Morpho proposes all its Digital Security and Authentication software solutions as Managed Services, operated by Morpho on robust platforms, encompassing the required security components and additional services needed to provide turn-key trust services – thus giving the ability to switch back to a license mode at any time.

Cloud & managed services
Cloud and managed services

Morpho operates a robust platform complete with all the required security components (HSM, IDS, IPS,…) and complementary services (day to day operations, monitoring, reporting,…) to deliver all our Digital Security and Authentication software as turn-key trust services.

On top of this platform, our customer can select one or several Morpho products, either on a shared software instance to constantly benefit of the latest version, or on dedicated software instances to get new versions at their own pace.

On a second level, our customers can have some of their specific applications hosted on the same infrastructure, such as a clerk applications (double screen branch office signing, pending transaction follow-up,…) specific user interfaces, taking once more time the advantage of a common secured infrastructure and operations.

Several environments for integration, qualification and production are available.

Morpho's Managed Services rely on secure data centers operated by leading players worldwide, ensuring a superior quality of service while complying with local regulations. It is already available in France, Spain, Germany, Denmark, Bulgaria and more are in preparation. Morpho operates a dedicated SOC (Security Operation Center) and provides technical support, performing a daily vulnerability watch on the involved software and equipment. Independent audits are performed on a regular basis and on specific customer request.

Morpho's Managed Services platform is fully redundant on the hardware and software points of view, and features a DRP with hot standby site. A standard SLA is 99.7% is proposed (99.95% measured in 2013).

Finally, our Managed Services customer have the possibility to switch back to a license mode at their convenience at any time.

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