Digital signatures and secure transaction confirmation

Transforming a process to make it entirely electronic requires securing and giving legal value to the transactions, agreements and documents involved.

Any process that involves approving sensitive files (e.g. legal and administrative acts, minutes, summaries of decisions, contracts, financial orders) can be made paperless.

Morpho makes it easy to digitally transform all your processes by guaranteeing the security and legal value of your transactions, documents, orders and sensitive operations. 

In particular, Morpho offers innovative solutions to conduct secure and legally binding transactions in mobility, while using a smartphone or a tablet.

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Digitally transform all your processes and preserve the security and legal value of sensitive operations

Morpho paves the way for countless digital applications across all business sectors by providing a comprehensive range of solutions that protect and give legal value to your electronic transactions. Our solutions, also usable in mobile contexts, build on strong authentication, digital signatures and proof management. 

Digital signatures and secure transaction confirmation
Digital signature and secure transaction confirmation

With Morpho's solutions, you can make all your applications paperless, even the most sensitive ones: 

  • Major banks rely on Morpho to secure their BtoB transactions (e.g. cash management SWIFTNet/FileAct, EBICS): approving transfer orders, direct debits, and so on. 
  • A leading aircraft manufacturer made its maintenance process entirely electronic, allowing operational staff to digitally sign maintenance reports from a tablet. 
  • National ministries successfully made all their business processes electronic (e.g. decision making, purchasing, HR) by implementing functions to approve and give probative value to the sensitive documents involved (administrative decisions, legal and regulatory acts).

Morpho offers a full range of solutions to secure and give legal value to your electronic transactions:

  • Digital signature solutions for orders (e.g. financial orders, legal and regulatory acts, administrative acts).
  • Approval solution for sensitive operations (e.g. payment, financial operations), based on strong authentication.
  • Generate a legally-binding a proof of transaction, admissible in the event of a dispute 

All our solutions are: 

  • Proven in a variety of use cases and critical applications 
  • Easily deployable and adapted to the equipment of the user 
  • Adapted to mobile contexts 
  • Certified under the most stringent international security standards (Common Criteria ISO 15408 EAL3+, FIPS 140-2, NATO) 
  • Compliant with regulatory frameworks on digital signatures and trust services (European Directive 1999/93/EC, European Regulation no. 910/2014)
  • Available as services or licensed products


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