Multi-factor strong authentication, federation and SSO

When defining an authentication strategy, companies need an approach that lets them easily address a complex and dynamic reality.

For example, they need to be able to authenticate multiple populations (employees, corporate and individual customers, partners) for a wide range of uses with different levels of risk. 
They also need the flexibility to adapt to a changing environment, in which uses, regulations and technologies are constantly evolving. 

Morpho provides a software platform that lets you adopt a global, adaptable approach to strong authentication and benefit from the most innovative of authentication factors (biometrics and mobile).

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Morpho helps you build a global authentication strategy

Morpho's authentication solution enables you to adopt the most suitable authentication method for every situation (level of risk, use case, population) and all of your organization's applications, regardless of the channel (online, mobile, POS).

It supports all authentication factors and combinations (e.g. biometrics, mobile, smartcard, SMS OTP, OATH OTP). If needed, Morpho can also provide you with a wide range of authentication factors (biometrics, mobile-based, smartcards).

Multi-factor strong authentication, federation and SSO
Strong authentication on mobile phone

Morpho's authentication platform supports an extensive range of use cases for all types of users and levels of risk, including: 

  • Secure access to portals and online services
  • Secure online payment (3-D Secure, V.Me)
  • Secure access to shared workspaces, VPN access 
  • Approval of sensitive operations (e.g. transfer orders, payment orders, maintenance orders)
  • Authentication for online contracting, remote authentication for remote sales
  • Secure access to legacy applications 

Build a global authentication strategy 

By offering a global and adaptable platform that addresses all your authentication needs, Morpho saves you the trouble of siloed approaches and countless isolated authentication strategies. This gives you independence from your authentication factor suppliers.
Furthermore, centralized management of your authentication strategy lets you optimize risk management by adapting the level of security for each operation. It also helps you cut costs. 

Propose and manage multiple authentication factors

There is no such thing as a universal factor of authentication, nor is there ever likely to be one. 
Morpho offers you a wide range of authentication factors, to strike the best balance between various considerations: target population, user-friendliness, cost, deployability, changes in technology and regulations…. 

Biometric authentication factors 

Morpho is the worldwide leader in ID Documents integrating biometrics and number one in the world for ABIS (Automated Biometrics Identification System) in fingerprints, iris and face recognition solutions. 
Morpho has deployed the largest forensic biometric database in the world, for the FBI. We have also deployed the world's largest "multibiometric" (photo, iris scan and fingerprints) database for 1,2 billion Indian people. Morpho has also set up biometric fingerprint authentication replacing PIN at ATMs (Central system sized for 30 million persons) 

Mobile-based strong authentication factor 

As connected mobile terminals become ubiquitous (they now outnumber PCs) Morpho offers Morpho CloudCard+, an electronic identity (e-ID) system, based on mobile device. It  can be used for trust operations like strong authentication and digital signature. 

Morpho CloudCard+ strikes the perfect balance between:

  • Security : 2-factor authentication system, that protects against current and future threats 
  • Mobility : Compatible with all types of devices (smatphone, tablets) 
  • TCO : deployment is done without additional hardware equipment (smartcards, tokens) 

Hardware Secure Elements as authentication factor

Morpho's wide range of Secure Elements encompass all form factors, from classical SIM cards to MFF2, eUICC, eSE & TEE, EMV CAP Payment cards and span the full breadth of technologies and capabilities, so that we can tailor our products to meet your needs. 

Morpho is the world's third leading supplier of smart cards.

Many other authentication factors supported 
In addition to those described above, Morpho's versatile authentication platform supports many other authentication factors, from any manufacturer, which can be already deployed in your organization: software certificates, hardware certificates, SMS OTP, OATH,  ID/passwords…. 

Offer an optimized user experience 

Morpho's authentication solution offers the best user experience while providing the right level of security because it supports all authentication factors and combinations (e.g. biometrics, mobile, smartcard, SMS OTP, OATH OTP). 
It also provides a practical solution for everyday life, offering users a backup method in case they forget, lose or break their authentication factor.
Federation and single sign-on (SSO) functions allow your users to seamlessly navigate between different services without compromising security.

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