Comply with online gaming regulations cost-efficiently, swiftly and openly

With the progressive opening, country by country, of the European iGaming market, online gaming operators are facing a wide array of opportunities… and challenges.  One main challenge involves complying with the diverse regulations in each jurisdiction, in the most cost-efficient, timely, and open manner. 

Morpho enables operators to quickly, easily and cost-efficiently comply with the laws in different countries, by providing SAFE software.

More than 60 operators have chosen our solution.

Furthermore, 9 out of the top 10 Power 50 operators chose Morpho.

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Power 50 operators chose us
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Guarantee the IT compliance of iGaming operators in multiple jurisdictions

Morpho is the only SAFE software supplier compliant with the requirements in France, Denmark, Spain, Germany (Schleswig-Holstein) and Bulgaria. We continuously monitor regulatory changes to cover additional jurisdictions as they arise: Portugal, Netherlands, Colombia….

To be licensed in each regulated market, internet gambling operators need to comply with regulators' IT requirements that include a data SAFE that traces and securely stores iGaming data.

The problem that operators face is that SAFE requirements vary from one market to another. As a result, IT compliance costs increase, player liquidities diminish and access to multiple jurisdictions becomes more complex.

To overcome these challenges, operators can rely on Morpho's SAFE Solution, a unique platform to comply across multiple jurisdictions. Our solution adapts to comply with future local regulation requirements, and will incorporate future modifications to the current regulations.

The Morpho SAFE solution integrates with iGaming operators' back-end servers, traces and stores operators' proprietary data into the regulator's required format in a secure, legally-compliant storage server.

Although usually managed by Morpho on the behalf of the operator (Software as a Service Mode) the SAFE is also available as a licensed product.

Morpho SAFE solution distinguishes itself through its:

  • Cost effectiveness: our SaaS offers a much lower TCO as the costs of developing and operating the service are spread across all customers
  • Full compliance: Morpho contractually guarantees compliance with the regulation requirements and any future updates (at no extra charge)
  • Time-to-Market: Morpho contractually guarantees a solution available from day 1 of market launch
  • Scalability: our solution covers multiple jurisdictions and scales from small operators to market leaders

Easy integration: all major network and game providers have integrated our API (available in English across all jurisdictions)

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