Players identification

Identification of persons is one of the key challenges casinos have to face.

By screening and identifying people in live video feeds, within a few seconds, our systems help filter casino patrons to improve both VIP management and casino security.

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Instantaneous person identification with Morpho Argus


Instantaneous person identification with Morpho Argus

Morpho Argus for gamingThis solution enables casinos to perform instantaneous identification of persons from live video feeds.

Morpho Argus is a real-time video screening system based on facial recognition that captures faces from live video streams.

It compares the recorded faces against predefined watch lists, in some cases to identify VIP customers, and in others, to identify unwanted patrons.

When a match is found, it generates a live alarm which can then be forwarded to the appropriate casino personnel for immediate action.

The solution helps casinos manage efficiently their customers and identify people of interest, thus improving VIP services, or removing unwanted patrons within the casino.

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