Track vehicles

The number of vehicles on the roads worldwide is increasing and the needs for improved traffic flow management and enhanced security have never been more significant.

Public security on the roads is closely related to vehicles which are involved in many of the illegal activities such as stolen cars, amber alerts, narcotics, speed violations, unlicensed drivers, access to a denied area, and it needs to be addressed in an efficient way both for the public authorities and the road users.

To answer issue of road security, there is a variety of solutions, with different implementation costs. Among these, one of the most efficient is ITS (Intelligent Transport System) including the ANPR solutions.

The ANPR (Automated Number Plate Recognition) combines best-in-class efficiency with a high return on investment thanks to automated high-accuracy live recognition of registration plates.

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ANPR / Mobile Plate Hunter

To reduce crime and terrorism and control access to low emission zones, high-accuracy live recognition of car registration plates with unique features -common proprietary OCR technology for fixed & mobile solutions and multi-country OCR-, reads simultaneously several plates per image, with a high level of reading accuracy.

Track Vehicles

Comparing the detected plate number with the watch list, fixed ANPR addresses  different use cases, such as  targeting "people of interest" through their use of the roads,  gathering intelligence and identifying people &  vehicles of interest, managing Amber alerts,  denying access to a restricted area.   A hot-list of vehicles is registered in the database, with an automatic hit and fine functionality when a denied vehicle is identified inside the area. A vehicle is considered as "of interest" because its license plate is in a "suspect" database.

Vehicle-mounted ANPR for law enforcement officers inside a patrol car contributes to an increasing number of identified offences enabling officers do other tasks at the same time and makes more efficient use of police resources more efficient. It can be operated in a stand-alone mode with real-time alarms inside the car for each hit local black list record, or fully connected to the Operation Center (black list update via the remote operation center). The data mining capabilities are enhanced when connected to remote Operation Center.

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